Who we serve


Financial Advisors

Myriad's origins are in helping financial advisors establish successful, independent practices.
Freedom doesn’t have to be just a dream – Myriad has helped countless financial advisors break down the process into actionable steps. And we can help you! Knowing how sensitive these matters can be, we handle transition with the utmost discretion to ensure your privacy and client retention.
Every second you wait is one you could already be free!


Medical Professionals

Recent times have demonstrated to all Americans how vital our medical professionals truly are.
It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when your clients will need your services. The key is to be at the top of their minds when that day comes.
Myriad has helped professionals in specialties like chiropractic care and dentistry to establish a practice that is properly insured, branded and within HIPAA & ADA regulations.
Your hands are for healing, let Myriad’s hands help build your business!


Business & Education Consultants

Sometimes, the best way out of the hole is working with someone who already knows the way out.
As consultants ourselves, we realize how an expert who has ‘been there’ can be more vital than any written instructions or case studies.
Myriad partners with specialists ranging from executive coaching all the way to college planning for young highschoolers. In fact, we helped many establish a prior business in the industry they now consult on before helping them exit to a consultancy.
Your mission is to fill in the knowledge gaps for your clients - Myriad’s mission is to fill in the knowledge gaps on your business!


Our Strategic Partners

When you partner with Myriad, you access an entire universe of new business partners that can electrify your enterprise.
The moment you realize you need a new product or service is often the exact moment you need it. Myriad can help you anticipate those needs before the crisis is upon you.
Here’s just a few examples of the partners you’ll have access to when you come on board with Myriad
Cisco | ADP | Regus
Continuum Advantage | Staples

If you own a business, you already know you have to make every dollar count – Myriad’s strategic partners can help you do just that!